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[Venue][Marina Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur]
[Date][4th September - 5th September 2019]

Malaysian Anatomical Association Conference (MAAC 2019)

September 4, 2019

Paradigm of Translational Research in Anatomy

The 2-day conference with a theme of “Paradigm of Translational Research in Anatomy” aims to disseminate the archetype of Anatomy translational research and highlight the teaching learning methodologies of this imperative subject. This conference shall provide a platform for anatomists, academicians, clinicians, postgraduate students and medical related personnel who are actively involved in the Anatomy research and education. Hence, MAAC 2019 inculcates an opportunity for future networking and collaboration in research and innovative teaching methods.

MAAC 2019 covers a wide spectrum of key research areas which include cell biology, neuroscience, developmental biology, clinical anatomy and medical education. Invited national and international speakers will share their valuable research findings during this event. A series of platform and poster presentations are included for the delegates to highlight their research findings.
Apart from sharing research ideas, the delegates have a chance to stimulate the taste buds to a variety of multicultural Malaysian cuisine and also enjoy a banquet dinner on the scenic lake cruise of Putrajaya.