Membership Requirement

Membership is open only to those who qualify under the MAA Constitution and is subjected to approval by the Committee Members.

The membership of the MAA shall consist of the following categories:

  • Ordinary Membership: open to anyone satisfying any of the following conditions:
  1. Nationality : Malaysian
  2. Minimum age : 21 years old
  3. Place of residence : Malaysia
  4. Race : All
  5. Gender : Male or Female
  6. Religion : All
  7. Other criteria : Academician, Researcher, Medical Practitioner and others who are actively involved in the field of Anatomy
  • Associate Membership: Open to anyone that do not fulfill the Ordinary Membership
  • Life Membership: Open to Ordinary Member that pays the membership fees once for life

Each membership registration must be followed by membership fees payment. Please see membership fees page.

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